Why I’m Uneasy About “Thirteen Reasons Why”

So, earlier today I was made aware of Thirteen Reasons Why, the Netflix show based on the bestselling book about a girl — Hannah Baker — who leaves behind tape recordings explaining the 13 reasons why she decided to kill herself.

Image result for thirteen reasons why

I haven’t read the book yet.

I haven’t seen the show yet.

So, what I say next could be totally off, but:

It sounds like Hannah is blaming everyone except herself.

What I mean by that is:

Ultimately, it wasn’t any of these people who killed Hannah — it was Hannah herself. Hannah chose to die.

The premise — a young woman leaves behind tape recordings for people to listen to in order to guilt trip them for a choice she made of her own free will — comes across as Hannah refusing to accept responsibility for her actions, passing off the burden of responsibility to the people in her life by saying “I did this because of you.”

To which I respond: “No, Hannah. You didn’t. There was only one person’s hand on that knife, and it was yours.”


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