Feminism’s Double Standard?

As a man, when discussing abortion I often hear words to the effect of “You’re not a woman, so what you think doesn’t matter.”

So, honest question:

Why is it considered OK for a woman to give her views on issues facing men, but not vice versa — it’s not OK for a man to give his views on women’s issues.

For example:

A woman, Kali Holloway, writing about what it means to be a man.

Specifically: Writing about masculinity.*

More specifically: Writing about toxic masculinity: Toxic masculinity is killing men: The roots of male trauma

My thoughts on this question:

Since “masculinity” — i.e., how men see themselves and their fellow man — is, as the meaning of the word implies, an issue that uniquely effects men, should a woman have a say in such an issue?

On the one hand: Yes. How men see themselves effects not just men, but women too. Specifically: It effects how men will treat women.

Image result for chivalrous boy

On the other hand: No. A woman will never experience, in the same way that a man will experience, what it feels like to hear words like “Be a man.” i.e.: A woman will never be effected in the same way that a man will be by the issue of masculinity. (Hence why I said that masculinity is an issue that “uniquely effects” men.)

Image result for toxic masculinity meme


So, if it’s OK for a woman to give her views on, for lack of a better term, “man subjects” like the question of “What does it mean to be masculine?” since masculinity effects not just men but women too, than how is it not OK for men to talk about “women subjects” like, for example, abortion, since the death of offspring does effect men too by, for example, denying a man the opportunity to be a father.

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Finding Nemo (2003)

*Masculinity: Possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.


3 thoughts on “Feminism’s Double Standard?

  1. First off, I do believe that men have a say in abortion when conceiving the baby was consensual. In cases of rape or the guy assuming the lady wants a baby but not telling her, not so much. I think the reason some feminists don’t believe men have a say in abortion is because their body doesn’t get affected. The reason feminists still choose to talk about masculinity is because those standards affect women too. I think it’s like this. Masculinity explicitly affects men and women. Abortion can affect men, but not always, and it affects women much more strongly.

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