The “Let There Be Light” YouTube Page Deletes All Negative Comments

Earlier today I looked up the Let There Be Light (2017) trailer again…

…because I wanted to see what had changed in the days since I’d first found it.

What the view count was.

The Like/Dislike ratio.

The number of comments.

And I found that: All comments criticizing the movie have been deleted.

The comment counter says 63, but as of the writing of this post (March 22nd, 2017) the only comments visible are:

can’t wait to see it.looks wounderful


We that love you Kevin Sorbo , are far more than they that hate you because of your stand. God bless and Keep you

Love the trailer…brilliant!!…can’t wait to see it…

I’m in. It looks well done, and I know the motives are true and right. Blessings as you go forward!

i love you kevin sorbo

If the goal of Let There Be Light is to awaken people to the love of Christ, it’s off to a great start…



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