Trying Something New

One of my favorite things to do is listen to readings of My Little Pony fan-fiction.

Image result for i regret nothing meme

Last night, wanting something sweet before I went to bed, because 1) I didn’t want to go to sleep with images like this in my head (that’s a sword)…

Image result for dog soldiers gif
Dog Soldiers (2002)

…and because 2) I realized that, as much as I enjoyed them, I didn’t want to listen to my two favorite fan-fic readings tonight…

…I decided to take a leap of faith and ended up listening to two new fan-fics:

Months ago, I had stopped “Why Pinkie Pie Smiles” a minute in, because I thought I knew how it would end.

Pinkie’s mom is going to die, and that’s what inspires her to smile.


I was so happy to be wrong.

Then I watched “The Best Present She Could Ask For,” and it was… more than I thought it would be.

I could write so much about this story, and I’m still trying to process it all.

It’s the kind of story that makes me think This is why I want to be a writer. So I can create something as good as this.

The lesson I learned last night is:

Step outside of your comfort zone. Try something new. You never know where it will take you.


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