“I Have Found It”: A Story – Chapter 8: Part 2

Note #1: Part 1 of Chapter 8

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I Have Found It

Chapter 8: Part 2

Rubbing her eyes and yawning, Eureka looked at her alarm clock — 2:08 AM — before reaching to turn on the light next to her bed and grab her diary.

Sitting up in bed, putting her pillows against the wall and her back against her pillows, Eureka yawned one more time before writing.

I’m… tired.

It makes me tired just thinking about it. Thinking about what I will go through in the streets today.

I am protesting. So, I shouldn’t have to worry about being in trouble with the law. Free speech. Thank you First Amendment.

I can stand the police.

It’s the gawking, the grabbing, the pinching, the catcalls, the insults, the threats, that I can’t stand. The people who refuse to see me.

Even though I am naked, I am not exposed. There is still one barrier between myself and the world: Me.

It is me who twists the hands that grab me.

It is me who breaks the fingers that pinch me.

It is me who spits in the faces of the men who come close.

It is me who, looking such men in the eye, points between my legs and says “What comes out of here is for the world, and” turning around and pointing “what comes out of here is for you.”

It is me who is tired.

Tired of twisting.

Tired of breaking.

Tired of spitting.

Tired of speaking.

Tired of waiting.

I feel the Child within me.

She is not twisting.

She is kicking.

She is not breaking.

She is bonding.

She is not spitting.

She is laughing.

She is not speaking.

She is sleeping.

She is not waiting.

She is moving

How long do I have to wait, Child?

Setting her diary by the lamp on the drawer next to her bed, Eureka turned off the light and tried to fall back asleep.

The end of Chapter 8


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