Is A Woman’s Body Triggering?

Involuntarily: Without will or conscious control.

On social media, I’ve heard a number of accounts of people becoming “triggered”:

Reacting involuntarily to a stimulus.

For example: Freezing — being unable to move or speak — when hearing a conversation about sexual assault.

That got me thinking:

Is a woman’s body triggering?

Here’s what I mean:

Every man, in one way or another, will react differently to the sight of a naked, or provocatively dressed (to them), woman.

Throwing oneself at such a woman — the sight of a woman’s body overriding all sense of decency — would make sense if the man was “triggered” by her nudity.

Do I believe that a woman’s body triggers a man?

Yes and no.

On the one hand: Yes. There are involuntary, perfectly natural reactions that a man has seeing the opposite sex’s nudity. For example: There’s a reason that erections are frowned on at nudist venues.

On the other hand: No. A man always has a choice about how he will see and treat a woman who is naked or dressed in revealing clothes. Just because his body is telling him to do one thing doesn’t mean that he can’t allow his mind to tell him to do another.

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2 thoughts on “Is A Woman’s Body Triggering?

  1. “Just because his body is telling him to do one thing doesn’t mean that he can’t allow his mind to tell him to do another.” Finally someone gets it. Reminds me of one of Robin Williams’ common stand-up routine lines:

    “God gives man a penis and a brain; and only enough blood to run one at a time.” This isn’t all true. What we think makes us unique as a species is we have the moral choice on whether or not to act on instinct. We are able to refrain ourselves from acting on something.

    So, yes, to the body of an individual, nudity can be arousing – naturally. But to the mind, it is what the person chooses to perceive whatever they’re seeing as; and generally, nudity isn’t exactly arousing to our conscience.

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