“I Have Found It”: A Story – Chapter 6

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I Have Found It

Chapter 6

On her knees, naked, Eureka felt like she was drowning. Drowning in a black ocean. The darkness and silence of the empty church.

Her eyes red from the tears that were drying on her cheeks, Eureka raised her head to look again at the painted faces of God, barely visible in the light from the candles on the altar. Father, mother, and child.

Looking at the family, Eureka was reminded of her night with the man who could have become her husband…

I don’t remember his name.

The sticky fluid on her fingertip that, inside her, would have become…

My kid.

Her womb empty, Eureka imagined herself becoming as lifeless as the marble statues of the father, mother, and child at the base of the altar. The life draining out of her until she became stone.

Looking into their stone eyes, Eureka suddenly felt lips close around her right nipple. Looking down, she saw a naked little girl standing on her tiptoes, her hands on Eureka’s breast for balance.

Their eyes meeting, the little girl pulled away with a pop. She burped and giggled, Eureka smelling milk on her breath.


“Go– Goo– Good.”

“M– Me?” Eureka managed at last.

“Good,” the girl repeated, her blue eyes looking into Eureka’s brown ones.

The girl bent down, resting her head against the opening between Eureka’s legs, as if she were going to try and crawl back inside where she had come from.

No. Not where she came from…

The girl blinked sleepily, turning her head to look up at Eureka again.

“Where we all come from,” said Eureka softly, stroking a lock of the girl’s blonde hair and feeling warm.

The warmth made Eureka yawn. Made her close her eyes.

Just for a moment…

Eureka jerked awake.

She was alone.

But, not completely.

The warmth remained.

The end of Chapter 6


3 thoughts on ““I Have Found It”: A Story – Chapter 6

  1. Holy shi-

    Not to blow smoke up your arse but your writing never fails to immerse a reader into a story; all the while satisfying that dire need for suspense, mystique, and surprise.

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