One woman’s desire to be naked: My thoughts on Eureka

Below are some of my thoughts on the character of Eureka, from the short story I am writing: I Have Found It.

I’m writing this post because it’s like the words are aching to get out, so here they are:

When it comes to her nakedness, Eureka feels that it’s an essential aspect of who she is. Even if others judge her — even if God judges her — she feels that it’s a part of her that it’s wrong to conceal.

What Eureka wants is to be seen. She doesn’t just want to be “seen” in the sense that she makes her thoughts and feelings known and so others know where she’s coming from. She wants to be “seen” for all that she physically is too. She doesn’t want to hide any part of herself — whether that part is mental or physical — from anyone.

How people will react to her showing all of herself is their problem and their problem alone: Eureka can’t control how others will see her, but she wants to do what she can to be seen in the first place.

This desire to be seen stems from the crossroads that Eureka currently feels she is at.

Returning home after biting off more than she could chew, and an illness, caused her to fail a number of college classes and, thus, drop out, Eureka is trying to find a new inner balance in her life.

Her faith and her family are as important to her as they ever were: She still makes time for God by, for example, praying, and she treats her parents with love and respect.

But: Because of everything that has happened to her, Eureka no longer feels that that’s enough. She feels that the status quo has got to change: She feels that she’s in a rut and she’s got to climb out.

A possible way to “climb out” presents itself when, undressing in order to shower, Eureka feels compelled to, instead of stepping into the tub, step into the hallway. So she does. And from that moment forward, Eureka feels that she can see her life with new eyes.

Walking around her apartment naked, Eureka realizes, is a different experience than walking around it clothed. And that difference, Eureka realizes, is what she feels she needs. She needs to see herself from a new perspective. She needs to be reminded of who she is and where she comes from. She needs to be reminded that all that she is, regardless of all that she has been through, is inherently good.

Eureka doesn’t know what her new path in life will be yet, but she wants the freedom to be naked while walking down that path. The reason why is: Eureka doesn’t want to shun an aspect of herself — her nakedness — in order to be the best person that she can be.


3 thoughts on “One woman’s desire to be naked: My thoughts on Eureka

    1. Indeed!

      It’s one of her greatest strengths, and greatest weaknesses: She’s very good at thinking, but not as good at doing. She makes plans, but can often have trouble carrying out those plans.

      Which is another reason why she sees her decision to be naked as important: It’s an example of a time where she put her thoughts into action — a time where she said “I’m going to go for it.”

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