The Social Blindness of Anime Fandom


Anime fans around the world hold more power than they might imagine.  They are spending big money and Japan is raking in.

As stakeholders in popular culture, what then should they do with their strong influence?  Ask for more, better quality anime?

It seems so. Recently I attempted to reach out to a pioneer in critical anime reviews “naturalfemale” who runs the Twitter page “anifem” to see if she was open to looking at child sexual abuse themes in anime and received an “Awe…I’m so sorry, but I can’t help you…” type of response. To her credit, she expressed that her team was inundated and couldn’t keep up. My email about how Japan’s normalization of children as sex objects had impacted our family was just one of the many emails she received everyday and a bit too heavy it seems.

As the parent of a child who was molested by…

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