Boundless Challenge: Week #1

Thank you to TheOriginalPhoenix for inspiring me to do the Boundless Challenge.


Every Friday, I will write about one time during the week where I “lived boundless” — where I achieved more than I thought I was capable of.

This Friday, January 6th, I want to celebrate the fact that I made a Wattpad account. (Look for 21stCenturyCatholic.)

TheOriginalPhoenix encouraged me to do it after she read a chapter of a short story I’m working on: I Have Found It.


I’m normally hesitant about trying new things, but I’m so happy I listened to her.

I haven’t published “I Have Found It” on Wattpad yet, but because of Wattpad I have discovered a story I’m really liking so far:

Breeder Nation, by Kara Michelle.

Image result for breeder nation kara michelle

Thank you, OriginalPhoenix, for encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone.


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