Why Nudity Is Important To Me

Nudity: The state or fact of being naked.

Re-reading a very short story that I wrote weeks ago — Mother of the Moon — I realized something:

One reason I’ve been interested in the subject of nudity is because there are times where I see the act of taking off clothes as a metaphor for “taking off” the negative aspects of one’s life: Not allowing negativity to prevent a person from being their best self.


Does that make sense?

That’s why I wrote:

Setting my feet on the path the light makes clear, in the heat of the moment, like my bra and underwear, I leave my doubt and fear behind.

I thought it was such a beautiful mental image: A woman going out into the world, showing all of herself, with the two new lives she has created. The first being the life she birthed, the second being the life the woman “birthed” when she chose to, like discarded clothes, leave negative thoughts and feelings — her doubt and fear — behind: She makes a choice to no longer let them have an influence on her.

I see the act of getting naked as the act of “getting back to the basics” — the act of stripping yourself down to what is you. When you are naked, you are seeing yourself as you naturally are.

My Experience Being Naked

Getting Naked

And, I wanted to get back to the basics because I felt that I needed to get back to the basics — I needed to remind myself of who I believe I am, and where I believe I come from: A being created by God, made in His image and likeness. I needed to be reminded of the following: I am not my failure. I am not my regret. I am not my anger. I am created for a purpose. And that purpose is to, however I am able to, be a light in peoples’ darkness.

I felt that I needed to remind myself because the last 3 years have been all over the place for me: They’ve been a time of success and failure, of joy and depression, as I try and discern God’s will for my life.


3 thoughts on “Why Nudity Is Important To Me

    1. Thank you. 🙂

      And thank you for following me on my journey — Liking my posts, and telling what you think about what I’ve written. It means a lot. You’ve really helped me.

      1. You’re welcome! It’s really no problem for me. I love to support all my followers because maybe they don’t get a whole lot of it otherwise. Or maybe they do. Either way, I’m so happy that I was able to help you 🙂 wish you the best!

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