Celebrating Beauty: Day 5 – Andre Rieu

Inspired by TheOriginalPhoenixThimblerig’s Ark, and Sunshine Lou, every day until Christmas, I’m going to write about one example of beauty that I have found, in order to counter the darkness that I see when I turn on the news.

Day 5, I am celebrating:

Andre Rieu.

Ironic that this was music used in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) — a film about the attainment of a higher state of being.

Image result for 2001: a space odyssey

When I listen to Andre Rieu’s orchestra and see all the dancing, happy people, I feel like I am experiencing a taste of Heaven.

In the face of such beauty, it seems preposterous that there couldn’t be something more — something beyond what I can see with my eyes, feel with my fingers, smell with my nose, taste with my tongue, or hear with my ears.

Perhaps there is a certain element of the lumpen literati that is so dogmatically atheist and materialist and Earth-bound that it finds the grandeur of space and the myriad mysteries of cosmic intelligence anathema.
~ Stanley Kubrick, responding to criticism of 2001

Image result for cs lewis if we find ourselves


What piece of music awakens your heart, mind, and soul?


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