“The Mummy” Reboot: I’m In Love

So, the trailer for The Mummy reboot was released…

…and is it weird that I find the mummy attractive?

Half of me wants to run for my life and hide, and the other half wants to channel my inner Flynn Rider:

Image result for flynn rider smolder gif

I don’t think the intention of the filmmakers was to make me feel like giving the mummy a hug. But, what can I say? She’s asking for one.

I mean, look at her:

Image result for the mummy 2017
Aww! Come here, you! *hugs*

“Strip the flesh from my bones. I don’t even mind,” I want to say to her. If there’s anyone I want draining my soul of its life-force, it’s her.

When I stand in front of the pearly gates for judgement, I’ll gladly tell God that she’s the reason I’m there. “You picked a good way to go,” I imagine He’ll say.

Or God will tell me that I was actually supposed to defeat the mummy and save the world, and my infatuation has doomed the human race…


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