Celebrating Beauty: Day 2 – Nudity

Note #1: This post talks about a subject that I talk a lot about on this blog — nakedness — so if you’re thinking This again? I understand. Whenever I talk about this subject, I always try and add something new, so that it doesn’t feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over again. I’m talking about it in this series of posts — Celebrating Beauty — because I see nudity as something to be celebrated and understood, not something to be ashamed of and see as indecent: A lot of bad in the world comes from seeing the naked body as evil, not good.

Note #2: In order to try and do this subject justice, I’m going to be getting into what I believe, as a Catholic, to be true.

Inspired by TheOriginalPhoenixThimblerig’s Ark, and Sunshine Lou, every day until Christmas, I’m going to write about one example of beauty that I have found, in order to counter the darkness that I see when I turn on the news.

Day 2, I am celebrating:



I’ve realized why I write so much about nakedness:

I see my desire to be naked, and the joy I feel when I read how being naked positively impacts a person’s life, as a manifestation of “The Edenic Call.”*

The Edenic Call is a concept I heard about in a philosophy class. The Edenic Call is each person’s deep down desire to return to the paradise that was lost: Eden.

Adam and Eve4

This concept would help to explain why people feel more like their purest, deepest self when naked, particularly naked in nature: Because a person is in the state they were originally supposed to be in.

The man and his wife were naked, and felt no shame.
~ Genesis 2:25

Because of the imperfect nature of the world, we cannot live exactly like Adam and Eve lived: It is not possible to be completely without shame when naked in the sight of others.


But that doesn’t make one’s desire for Eden — one’s desire to be, to quote Sunshine Lou, “Naked and free.” — any less real.

I see my nudity as a compass:

Taking my clothes off is not the fulfillment of my heart’s deepest desire, but my naked body does point toward who, I believe, is: God.



To quote author Sharon Hodde Miller:

“…a woman’s breasts, hips, bottom, and lips all proclaim the glory of the Lord! Each womanly part honors Him.”

My point is:

Every male and female part comes from God, and honors God in its own way.

Adam and Eve10

When I am naked, I am reminded of this quote from the movie Elysium (2013):

“Never forget about where you come from.”

I am reminded of where I come from.

And I am reminded of where I want to go.

Image result for if nothing in this world satisfies


How does being naked positively impact your life?

*There are other ways The Edenic Call manifests itself in people. It’s just that a desire to be naked is the first way that I thought of.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Beauty: Day 2 – Nudity

  1. As a Catholic and closet nudist I’m proud of you for this transparent article only repressed and impotent people make Gods natural state of humanity bad just not ready to take it too far one thing let me make perfectly clear don’t have to starch my jeans and shirt nude

    1. I’m glad you liked my post.

      And I’m glad I’m not the only Catholic who is trying to find goodness, truth, and beauty — Philippians 4:8 — in nudism.

      There is a lot that people can learn, I believe, from seeing their nudity as “very good.” Like God intended it to be seen. (Genesis 1:31)

  2. Well cool glad we are not repressed now I’ve got to get back to my true passion and duty of counter jihad the Muslim brotherhood and participating Islamist organizations whom even a simple little guy like me is painfully aware stated purpose is the destruction of America from within ironically they are against the clean nudity and Judeo Christian values and constitutional sovereignty glad there are great Catholic Christians like you making America great again and convey my gratuitous appreciation of your work email me or we can follow each other via twitter buddy sincerely and currently clothed rodeo rosary

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