Naturism Is Natural

To me, this is how naturism differs from nudism:

Nudism is about living in harmony with others, naked. Reading a book, shopping, working, eating dinner — doing everything you would normally do, but doing it naked.

Naturism is about being naked in nature. Going off alone, or with a close friend, taking off your clothes, and sitting on top of a rock or standing in water — being in nature in your natural state, for the benefit of your body, mind, and soul.


What I’m saying is:

I see nudism — communal, naked living — as unnatural: Something that must be engineered through trial and error. Not something that occurs naturally. Naturism, on the other hand, is natural.

To go in to more detail:

It takes discipline for a man to not stare at a woman’s intimate parts: It takes discipline for a naked man and a naked woman to live together in harmony. Harmony doesn’t just happen.

But what a man experiences when he takes off his clothes, wades into water, and takes a deep breathe of fresh air — that comes naturally. That just happens.

That is why I call nudism “unnatural,” and naturism “natural.”


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