Nudism Is Unnatural

Note: In my next post, I will be talking about why naturism is natural.

What got me interested in the subject of nudity was this blog post: Revealing Intimacy.

The first time I read it, I didn’t agree with it at all.

For example: I didn’t like that the author compared the sight of a person’s nudity to gold:

…gold is valuable because it’s rare, but if someone discovered a way to synthesize it and started mass producing it, its value would drop significantly. I think this can be applied to intimacy.

I felt that the author was giving a monetary value to the intimate parts of a person’s body. Which is what the customers of prostitutes do.

But, over the months, my view on Revealing Intimacy has changed…

I’ve realized a contradiction in nudism.

More than once, I’ve been told that continued exposure to nudity makes it so that a person no longer sees the naked body as a means of experiencing sexual pleasure. i.e., There comes a point where a woman’s butt stops being arousing.

It’s curious that a lifestyle that emphasizes all that is natural is built on an unnatural notion.

What do I mean by an “unnatural notion”?

I mean this:

What I am essentially being told by nudists is: In order to live as we are naturally meant to live — naked — we must subdue our natural response to the sight of the opposite sex’s nudity: sexual arousal.

The first time a man sees a naked woman, all kinds of reactions take place inside his body which, for the sake of keeping this post G-rated, I won’t mention. My point is: It is natural for the sight of the opposite sex’s nudity to cause sexual arousal.

Nudists, in their desire to live naked in harmony with others, seek to suppress that natural aspect of the human body. The message of nudism can be boiled down to this: Nudity is beautiful. Except when it gives you an erection. 

That’s where I have to agree with Revealing Intimacy: There is a time and a place for nudity.

I see the naked human body like the Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981):

Why do I see the naked human body that way? Because, like the inside of Ark of the Covenant, there are people who can’t withstand a look at a person’s intimate parts. At the sight of such parts, their resolve melts like a Nazi’s face, they throw caution and decency to wind, go “F*** it,” and try and force themselves on that person.

Why do you think movements like Still Not Asking For It exist? Because, faced with the sight of a woman’s naked body, a man needs to remind himself, or be reminded: Restrain yourself.

Image result for still not asking for it

A question for the men: Would you have sex with anyone?

I’m guessing the answer would be No.

But: That’s not your body’s natural answer, at some level, when faced with a woman’s naked body. To your body, it doesn’t matter that the woman with the long red hair is a liar and, thus, you could never see yourself in a relationship with her, or that the blond with the eyepatch is your ex and you swore never to have anything to do with her again, because when they are naked in your sight, the message your body is getting is Prepare for intimacy.

My point being: When you are naked in the sight of others, and/or others are naked in the sight of you, it naturally makes no difference what your intentions for such people are: Your body still desires the intimacy that can only be expressed through the unity of your naked bodies.

Adam and Eve9

A man leaves his father and mother and his united to his wife, and the two of them become one flesh.
~ Genesis 2:24


11 thoughts on “Nudism Is Unnatural

  1. Hi, it’s not natural to get aroused when seeing a nude body. Society and the devil have taught us that the nude body is sexual. I suggest that you visit the site My Chains are Gone, an anti-porn site.

    Natural Guy

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what I wrote.

      The Bible says that Adam and Eve made loincloths when they realized they were naked. (Genesis 3:7)

      Why cover the loins — the penis, vagina, and butt — if not to say “I am more than my sexual aspects”?

      The Bible seems to make it clear that Adam and Eve don’t want to be seen as sex objects because of their nudity.

      And: Nudity will always be associated with sex.


      Because one can’t happen without the other. A person has to be naked, to some extent, to experience sex.

  2. You have taken a very simplistic view here. However, a foregone conclusion that it is natural to be aroused when you see another naked person. Sexual arousal is a result of sexual thoughts. Your statement suggests that simply looking at a naked person creates sexual thoughts. That would seem to conflict with what the sacred text innyour Christian tradition teaches. What you describe is lust and as suggested by Jesus in the sacred Christian text lust is a result of what is in a person’s heart. Not what they are seeing. See Matt 15. and Matt 5

    Your sacred text doesn’t say Adam and Eve covered their loins for sexual shame it said they hid from God. When God asks them why they are hiding they said because they were afraid not ashamed. Why were they afraid? Because they were disobedience and had lost trust in God because of their new awareness including the awareness of being naked. If you follow that it seems that human beings attached shame to nakedness. God responses to their self imposed shame by giving them stuff to wear so they will feel comfortable in God’s presence. Jesus teaches in the Christian sacred text that if your eye offends you pluck it out. So if a person of that faith is arose by a seeing another naked is aroused it seems to me that following that teaching means one of two things that require change in the person. Remove the offending eye or learn to not be offended or aroused by the naked body, all of which was created good according to the sacred text and are corrupted be humans. Over the ages human beings have been conditioned by many things including religion to see the body as sexual. However not all religions or even all people in the Christian faith have always seen the body as sexual. Much of the current view is driven by Greco-Roman influence in modern western society.

    I have read your posts for sometime now and supported your exploration of nudism/naturism from your religious perspective. It seems the intention of your posts is to reconcile issues of personal faith through naturism/nudism. As I have said in other contexts naturism/nudism cannot, does not solve the worlds issues or problems least of all individual personal issues. If you are genuinely interested in naturism/nudism and Christian faith I suggest you broaden your scope of reference. Jim Cunningham Nudity and Christianity presents useful information on the subject.

    1. Thank you for commenting.

      You make good points.

      To address the points you’ve made:

      “What you describe is lust and as suggested by Jesus in the sacred Christian text lust is a result of what is in a person’s heart.”

      Lust is a freely-chosen action, not an uncontrollable, automatic response.

      For example:

      Having sexual thoughts about a person of the opposite sex is natural. When I no longer see a person of the opposite sex as the human being they are, and instead see them as a means of attaining sexual pleasure, that is lust.

      Sexual thoughts are, on their own, not sinful. Pursuing those thoughts is where the sin of lust comes from.

      “…human beings attached shame to nakedness. God responses to their self imposed shame by giving them stuff to wear so they will feel comfortable in God’s presence.”

      If human beings created the mindset of “Nudity = Shame” like you say, it is God who condones that mindset by giving Adam and Eve clothes to wear so that they’ll no longer feel ashamed.

      If God never wanted Adam and Eve to associate their nudity with shame/sin after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, why, instead of clothing Adam and Eve, did God not say to them “There is nothing to be ashamed of. Take off the fig leaves and be as you were”?

      Because: God realizes that the days of no longer associating nudity with shame — Genesis 2:25 — are over.

      An example of this in real life: If you walk in on a woman you don’t know while she is naked, she is likely to frantically cover herself. She covers herself because she doesn’t know if the person looking at her nudity — her vulnerability — is a threat.

      It’s just a movie, but this scene from “Elf” illustrates my point:

      “Over the ages human beings have been conditioned by many things including religion to see the body as sexual.”

      Nudity cannot be separated from sex. It is physically impossible: A person must be naked, to some extent, to have sex. Specifically, a person’s loins must be uncovered — the part of the body body Adam and Eve covered in order to hide their nakedness.

      Why didn’t Adam and Eve not just cover their head or their feet in order to hide their nakedness from God and from each other? Why cover their loins?

      “…naturism/nudism cannot, does not solve the worlds issues or problems least of all individual personal issues.”

      I agree. And I have never thought they do.

      I know that naturism/nudism is not the be-all and end-all solution to a person’s issues.

      I believe, though, that nudity does point towards the one who is the solution to a person’s issues: God.

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