Mother Earth vs. The Universe

There’s a movie called Collateral Beauty coming out on December 16th.

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In it, a man (Will Smith) writes letters to “the universe” — specifically, to Love, Time, and Death — as a way to cope after the death of his daughter.

And since meeting fellow blogger Sunshine Lou, I am becoming more familiar with the concept of “Mother Earth.”

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These events made me think:

What is the appeal of “the universe”? Why do people say “The universe is telling me ___,” or “___ happened because the universe intervened”?

The universe — the void between the stars — is lifeless and inhospitable.

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The appeal of Earth is clearer to me.

Who doesn’t like feeling the wind and sun on their skin, swimming in the water, and looking at natural features like a mountain or forest?


When Lou describes how nature refreshes her heart, mind, and soul, I understand why. I understand why Lou sees nature as a spiritual, powerful place, and why being naked makes it even more so.

As a Catholic, my faith is ultimately in a being that I believe transcends nature, since I believe that God created nature.

God has made everything beautiful in its own way. He has put eternity in the human heart.
~ Ecclesiastes 3:11

Adam and Eve10

But: Who can say that the soul God gave Earth does not have a maternal nature?

All things — not just humans — have a soul. An essence.

And, it makes sense to see Earth as a mother.

Two reasons why:

  1. Fruit on a tree is like milk from a woman’s breast: Natural, life-giving nourishment.
  2. We come to Earth naked from inside our mother, and we feel more like our purest, deepest self when naked in nature.

Meme (2)

If I had to choose between putting my faith in a mother who nourishes me and awakens the deepest, most desperate desires of my heart, mind, and soul, or putting my faith in the  vast, impersonal, mysterious cosmos, I know who I would pick…



4 thoughts on “Mother Earth vs. The Universe

  1. First off, that sounds like a really cool movie. Second, I think the universe your comparison of Earth to a nurturing mother is adorable. Reminds me of how in Greek philosophy, Gaea is Mother Earth and she pretty much created the universe and the Greek gods.

    1. Though I don’t see the appeal of putting my faith in “the universe,” I agree: The movie sounds really good. I wish we had more movies like it: Slice-of-life movies that talk about important subjects.

      And thank you. 🙂 I’m glad you found my comparison of Earth to a nurturing mother adorable.

      I hadn’t thought of it as adorable when I was writing it but, thinking more about it now, you’re right: It makes me go “Aww!”

      I’m reminded of Gaea, too, when I hear about Mother Earth. I don’t know much about Gaea, though. I should do more research on her.

      My knowledge of Greek philosophy is rusty, but I think Gaea created the Titans. Then the Titans created the Gods.

      Gaea is the supreme all-powerful force.

      Speaking of Greek philosophy, you should check out the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series. It’s like Harry Potter, only set in America, and with Greek gods and monsters instead of witches and wizards.

      1. Oh I’ve read Percy Jackson, who hasn’t? 😂 The quality of those books were all over the place. Sea of Monsters was atrocious but lightning thief was nice.

      2. Glad to know that you’re a fan of them. 🙂

        I have to admit, I liked Sea of Monsters more than The Lightning Thief.

        The Lightning Thief is really good, and it has some of the best moments in the series. Like when Percy and his friends almost get trapped in a hotel in Las Vegas. (The Lotus Hotel.)

        But I had more fun with The Sea of Monsters. I think because the world and the characters were already set up, so the story could just launch right into adventure.

        My least favorite is The Titan’s Curse. I still think it’s a good book. Just, for some reason I haven’t been able to figure out yet, it didn’t blow me away like the others in the series.

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