Getting Emotionally Naked

As a result of spending the week with family, doing some soul-searching, and discovering Sunshine Lou‘s blog, I had a revelation:

It’s time to get naked.

Emotionally naked, specifically.

Through circumstances that I’m still trying to make heads or tails of, I realized that I was afraid of getting emotionally naked — of taking a hard, good look at myself.

For too long, I realized, I was content to maintain the status quo of living my life day by day. Just going from one day to the next with no real sense of purpose. Not asking myself “What do I want?” and working to achieve it.

Sunshine Lou taught me that it’s OK to be naked.

That it’s OK to, to quote Jesse J., “Take off what you’ve got inside.”

“Taking off what you’ve got inside” is what I realized I needed to do.

The emotional clothes I was wearing were like a cross whose weight was crushing me.

If anyone wishes to follow me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.
~ Matthew 16:24

Image result for jesus carrying his cross

I needed to deny myself.

I needed help carrying my cross.

I needed to humbly get on my knees in prayer and repentance, and “strip.”

“I was afraid, because I was naked; so I hid myself” is transformed into “I was at peace, because I know God loves me; so I exposed myself.”
Healing Perfectionism and Getting Naked Before God

We come in to the world naked. Clothes are, in a way, unnatural. No one is created clothed.

Adam and Eve10 Image result for baby sleeping

I needed to remember what is, ultimately, most important.

I needed to get back to the basics.

I needed to get naked.

On a related note:

When I think about remembering what is ultimately most important, I am reminded of this scene from the My Little Pony episode “Amending Fences”:

Thank you to The Original Phoenix for showing me “Strip.”

Image result for phoenix

Thank you Sunshine Lou, for showing me how to love my nakedness.

Image result for earth mother


6 thoughts on “Getting Emotionally Naked

  1. I am touched to know that I have been able to make a positive impact on your life and help guide you, you are unique and beautiful in your own skin, don’t ever stop loving who you are for you have been granted with your one of a kind soul and body. So let that light out and shine, Mother Earth bless you and all of your nakedness 💙

    1. You showed me that it’s possible to be happy in one’s own skin — that one’s physical and emotional nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of. That one’s physical and emotional nakedness can bring freedom and inner peace.

      Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. They mean so much to me.

      On this blog, I’m trying to be like a light for others. A light that helps people overcome whatever darkness is in their life.

      You have been like a light for me. You have shown me a way of living — being happy in one’s own skin: loving one’s emotional and physical nakedness — which, I realize, I needed. Through your blog posts, I saw how being naked in nature is changing your life for the better, and I thought “I want to experience that change in my life too.”

      I will let my light out to shine. And I hope Mother Earth will bless me.

      Thank you, Lou, for being in my life.

  2. Hey I used to be like you. I was afraid to get to know myself because I thought I wouldn’t like what i found. (After being bullied for several years and numbing my emotions for as long as possible afterward, I just wasn’t sure what was inside of me.) It was a mess, I’ll admit that, getting back to normal. But it was worth it. I don’t feel empty anymorez

    1. That sucks that you were bullied.

      I’m glad you don’t feel empty inside anymore.

      Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone in my struggles.

      I want to be a light for others, and you are a light for me.

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