No Thanks, Birth Control

On Facebook, #thxbirthcontrol is trending.

The purpose of the hasthtag is to encourage women to “share their very positive and personal experiences” with birth control…

The only reason birth control is a thing is because there are currently over 7 billion people on Earth.

Image result for 8 billion people

Thinking about birth control, I am reminded of the movie Children of Men (2006). A movie about a future world where, 18 years after all women have mysteriously become infertile, society is collapsing.

If human fertility was in the state it is in in Children of Men, or if there was a natural (a meteor) or man-made (nuclear war) disaster that brought humanity to the verge of extinction, there would suddenly be an emphasis on not interfering with fertility through means like birth control and (if birth control fails) abortion.

Advocates for birth control and abortion would be seen as crazy or malicious.

Image result for children of men graffiti
From “Children of Men”

So, I won’t be celebrating #thxbirthcontrol.

Because fertility is not to be taken for granted.

I won’t celebrate the extinction of humanity, one “positive” choice at a time.

What I will do is celebrate the gift of “becoming one” that God has given us (Genesis 2:24):

Yui isn’t Kirito’s and Asuna’s natural-born daughter, but I included her in this post because I see her as an example of the good — children — that can come from “becoming one”:


2 thoughts on “No Thanks, Birth Control

  1. Dude why did you have to bring up Yui? Those scenes with her have me in tears every time! #thxbirthcontrol is a con-job. What the hashtag is in all truth is #thxabortion. You have to remember that birth control/abortion is a primarily leftist and anti-Catholic ideal. The hashtag is hoping to get people who have had abortions to speak out and give positive experiences. Although throughout all my years i have never heard one woman who has had a abortion say it was a positive experience. Thank for the article.

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