My Experience Being Naked

This morning, I was naked.

I realized that I couldn’t fully understand one of the subjects I write about — nudism — unless I experienced it for myself.

I was only naked in my room. And all I did is walk around it: I didn’t want to get my bed or floor germ-y by putting my butt on them. Sitting on my legs while naked is uncomfortable.

Being naked, at first, felt arousing. But I told myself “I’m not naked in order to get aroused,” and then I felt more at peace about my choice to be naked because I knew that I wasn’t doing it for a selfish reason. (i.e., To more easily pleasure myself.)

I did experience pleasure while naked but, working to banish lustful thoughts from my mind by praying, it wasn’t sexual pleasure.

I struggle with pride. I have to constantly tell myself “I’m not the best ever.” Which is one of the reasons why I found being naked to be a pleasurable experience: I was reminded of who I am: A human being made in God’s image and likeness. (Genesis 1:27) Nothing more. Nothing less. I found being naked to be a humbling experience for the reason that I always thought it would be humbling: All that I physically am is visible. There were no clothes that could make me feel like I was anything other than who I am: A being created by God, whose purpose is to find, and do, whatever He created me to do.

Naked I came from my mother’s womb…
~ Job 1:21

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.
~ Jeremiah 1:5

Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening.
~ 1 Samuel 3:10

Being naked isn’t a means of attaining inner peace. But: Being naked can direct a person towards the source of inner peace: God.


God saw that Adam and Eve were naked, and said it is “very good.” (Genesis 1:31, Genesis 2:25) And every good thing, ultimately, comes from God. (James 1:17)

Adam and Eve10

I will not substitute being naked for praying.

I will not make an idol out of the non-sexual pleasure that came with being naked.

What I will do, is allow the humility that being naked made me feel to direct my heart to the only one who can satisfy my deepest, most desperate desires.


You’re not a freak or a pervert if you want to be naked. God meant for you to be naked. And then Adam’s and Eve’s sin changed everything. (Genesis 3:7)

I see the desire to be naked as a desire to return to God — a desire to reclaim the relationship with God, the relationship with our fellow human beings, and the relationship with the world, that was lost as a result of Adam’s and Eve’s sin.

We can’t do that. We can’t live like Adam and Eve lived before the Fall. Not in this life.

We’re not perfect. And taking off clothes isn’t going to make us perfect.

But, as I discovered today, what taking off clothes can do, is this:

Remind us why we should never stop striving to be perfect (Matthew 5:48):

So that, at the end of our life, God will say to us:

Well done my good and faithful servant.
~ Matthew 25:23

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11 thoughts on “My Experience Being Naked

  1. Glad you gave being nude a try. I was a kid when I first tried being naked. Right now I’m a home nudist. If you interested in hearing my full story on being nude, email me. Thanks, Natural Guy

    1. Thank you for commenting.

      I prefer to talk to people right on this blog, so I would prefer to hear your story here, if you wanted to tell it.

      I’ve been writing about nudism for over a year now. The reason why is because I felt like nudists were a group of people who were being ignored. As a Catholic who sees it as his duty to help all peoples’ voices be heard, I wanted that to end: I wanted to say “Nudism matters. Because there are people who live the nudist lifestyle — people who go naked. And their voice needs to be heard because, despite a lifestyle choice that is strange to many, nudists are people created in the imagine and likeness of God just like everyone else.”

      I hope being a nudist has been a positive experience for you. I believe that God is using peoples’ desire to be naked to change their lives for the better and draw them closer to Him.

      1. Hi Timothy

        I first took an interest in living without clothes when I was six or seven. I saw in an encyclopedia how little or no clothes Pacific Islanders wore. I knew right away I wanted to practice that. I wanted to ask my parents if I could go half naked but was ashamed to ask. So the thing that attracts me to nudism is acceptance.

        I have read of other people’s experiences in nudism and acceptance they feel from other nudist. Unfortunately while growing up, I never felt accepted by one of my parents, and still feel that way today. That’s another story there.

        I also like the feeling of not having to wear burdensome clothing. 🙂

        Natural Guy

      2. Thank you for sharing your story.

        I’m glad you are able to live your desire to wear no clothes.

        I’m sorry that you never felt accepted by your parents, though.

        Living without clothes can seem like a weird choice to many. But I hope it’s a choice that has, ultimately, effected you for the better.

  2. Welcome to a taste of freedom! Now you have a hint of how we feel when we can be free from clothes.

    For me and many, it is no longer “arousing” to be nude; it’s just normal.

    Some of us discuss whether we are putting being naked ahead of God. That danger exists. But I thank God in my heart for this freedom He has shown me. Now, when I really want to pray deeply (like right now!), I pray clothes-free. Thus I integrate my clothes-freedom with my walk with God.

    Again, welcome to a taste of freedom.

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