The LEGO Batman Movie: Please, God, Make It Stop

A new trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) came out today. The first trailer for the movie I’ve seen.

And I couldn’t be less excited.

There was something about this trailer that felt… off.

I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I saw the words “From the team that assembled The LEGO Movie.”

The LEGO Batman Movie is not from “the team that assembled The LEGO Movie.”

What do I mean by that?


Phil Lord and Chris Miller aren’t directing it or writing it.

While The LEGO Movie (2014) felt like a labor of love from artists who wanted to tell a good story for the sake of telling a good story, The LEGO Batman Movie feels cold and calculated.

Warner Bros. executives took one of their most money-making properties (Batman) and the surprise hit that was The LEGO Movie, and said:

Image result for why not both meme

I just can’t bring myself to care about Batman. At least, not for the time being.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Ultimate Edition of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

Otherwise: Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has more than satisfied my desire for stories about the Caped Crusader.

Plus: I’ve got Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum to keep me happy, too.

Image result for arkham origins batman vs deathstroke

And if I’m looking to get my fix on Will Arnett comedies, I’ll stick to Arrested Development and BoJack Horseman.


4 thoughts on “The LEGO Batman Movie: Please, God, Make It Stop

  1. “Arkham Origins” and “Arkham Asylum” the video games I hope? Those are two masterpieces. I know how you feel about LEGO Batman. Batman is just too badass to go LEGO. A lot of LEGO heroes were.

    1. I’m currently playing “Arkham Origins,” and then will play “Arkham Asyrlum.” I haven’t bought “Arkham City” or Arkham Knight” yet.

      And I’m glad I’m not the only who is disappointed by the news of a LEGO Batman movie.

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