Christians Hate “Dr. Strange”

I’m writing this post out of sheer boredom.

It’s a lazy Saturday night, and I find myself in need of something to do.

Like the slot machine in The Twilight Zone episode “The Fever,” the latest Movieguide article beckons…

I stand by my conviction that I won’t allow anything Movieguide-related to tick me off.

Which is why, thinking about what I’d say about HACKSAW RIDGE and DOCTOR STRANGE: The Hero Who Loves Versus the Hero Who Kills, the first feeling that came to mind was pity.

On a side note: Speaking of pity:

I used to fear Movieguide

Ted Baehr, what he stood for, and the people he had around him, were a force to be reckoned with.

Image result for the crystal teddy bear movieguide

But no more.

Now, more often than not, I can’t help but laugh and cringe whenever I read anything Movieguide-related.

Which brings me to Ted Baehr, an advocate for “family-friendly” values, essentially begging people to watch an R-rated movie:

On November 4, you will have a clear choice between a movie hero, who solves the plot problem by loving his neighbor as himself and saving lives in the most terrible of conditions, versus a movie hero, who learns to kill, take and violate the laws of nature to solve his personal plot problem.

…choose this day whom you will serve, which movie you would rather see, and which hero you want to emulate.

Image result for hacksaw ridge movie battle

My thoughts upon reading this article:

  1. Ted Baehr needs to work on his grammar, or talk to his editor.
    For example: Why is there a comma after “hero”?
    On November 4, you will have a clear choice between a movie hero, who solves the plot problem by loving his neighbor as himself…
    (Correction: Thank you to fellow blogger “TheOriginalPhoenix” for pointing out that, in this case, Ted Baehr’s grammar is correct.)
  2. …choose this day whom you will serve…
    What if I choose to not see Dr. Strange or Hacksaw Ridge, Ted Baehr? Whom am I serving then?
  3. Why are killing, stealing, and destroying an “occult art”?
    …learns the occult art of killing, stealing and destroying.
    Does Ted Baehr not know that there are justifiable reasons to kill, steal, and destroy?
    God killed and destroyed. That’s the reason Noah built an ark. (Genesis 6:1 — 7)
    Killing is justified if you do it in self-defense or to save the lives of others.
    And if the only thing standing between you and death is theft, than God understands:
    It is not theft, properly speaking, to take secretly and use another’s property in a case of extreme need: because that which he takes for the support of his life becomes his own property by reason of that need (Sum II-II, 66, art 7).*
  4. Ted Baehr calling killing, stealing and destroying “occult” made me think:
    Ted Baehr, do you understand what you are saying?

I’m sorry if I’m coming across as a prideful prick. That’s the exact opposite of how I want to be.

Thank you for reading my boredom rant.

Image result for bored meme

*Thank you, Steven D. Greydanus.


5 thoughts on “Christians Hate “Dr. Strange”

  1. The comma after “hero” is to form a dependent clause, the real sin here is Baehr’s disregard for the Stanford comma! How dare he not use it! (I’m actually disgusted by people who don’t use it.) Good point about killing and stealing by the way!

  2. Just saw Dr. Strange this weekend, and was blown away. Absolutely loved it.

    And boy, did MovieGuide miss the mark on the lesson of that movie. A biggie is that yes, Strange uses his power to kill, but then regrets it so much that he very clearly draws a line that he will never do it again because of his oath as a MD.

    Did they even watch the movie?

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