The Pen Is Mightier Than The Pony

Well, that’s it.

Having decided to listen to readings of fan-fiction instead of watch the season 6 finale of My Little Pony which I had recorded earlier today, I had a realization:

Fan-fiction has kinda ruined my enjoyment of My Little Pony.


Because some of the fan-fiction I’ve listened to over the months is so amazing that it saddens me to realize that nothing in the actual show is likely to ever equal it, let alone surpass it.

The show has its moments.

Moments of Oh wow. I can’t believe it went there.

Moments of unexpected darkness or moral complexity.

For example:

But, in the end, I’m always left sympathizing with Gordon Ramsey:

Image result for it's not good enough meme

Perhaps I’m just asking too much of a show about multi-colored magical equines.

But I’m still going to ask.

Image result for a man's reach should exceed his grasp

The show and fan-fiction prove that the world of My Little Pony can be seriously profound.

What is the fan-fiction that has made me do this:

There are two (three if you count the fact that one of them comes in two parts):

I want to write posts explaining why I like these stories so much.

But, that will have to wait.

It’s pitch black outside. And I am tired.

Goodnight, everyone.


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