Stripping For Jesus

What a provocative title for a blog post, you might be thinking. It is my hope that, by the end of this post, that title will make sense. The reason I say that is because: The goal of this blog is not for me to convince people of what I believe — the goal is to explain why I believe it.

In an earlier post, I talked about the vulnerability that comes with being naked.


That post got me thinking about the act of taking off clothes. i.e., Stripping.


When it comes to stripping in the Bible, one scene stands out to me:

Jesus being stripped of his garments before being crucified.  (Matthew 27:33 — 36)

Image result for jesus being stripped of his garments

This was done to humiliate Jesus. By laying Jesus’ body bare, the Roman soldiers were exposing it to jeers, mockery, and abuse.

Jesus chose, of his own free will, to undergo this torture. Jesus made the choice to surrender his fate to God. He basically said: “Whatever is meant to be, let it be.”

Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.
~ Luke 22:42

Like Jesus, we have the choice to endure or fight against the humiliation that comes with the removal of our clothes. (Matthew 27:42)

Unlike Jesus, it will not be torture that causes us to remove, or be removed of, our clothes…

The greatest desire of all:

To love and be loved.

It was love that drove Jesus to suffer and die for our sake. (Romans 4:25)

Image result for jesus carrying the cross

And it is love that drives people to, similar to Jesus, take the risk of being jeered at, mocked, and abused because of the absence of their clothes.

At its core, what it is that clothes-removing campaigns like Still Not Asking For It are asking for, is love.

Image result for not asking for it

Like Jesus, the women taking part in campaigns like Still Not Asking For It want their inherent dignity and value to be acknowledged. Like Jesus, these women don’t want to be seen or treated as less than they are. And what causes a person to not be seen or treated as less than they are, is love. If you love a person, you aren’t going to see that person as someone to be abused, or see that person as a means to an end.

That is how a person “strips for Jesus”:

A person strips for the desire that drove Jesus to be stripped: To love and be loved.

Image result for god loves us as if there were only one of us


10 thoughts on “Stripping For Jesus

  1. “A person strips for the desire that drive Jesus to be stripped: to love and be loved.” What a beautiful way to end a post! 🙂 I’ll admit I giggled at the pic with the girl asking Kirito to strip but overall this was a nice post. I don’t think the title was too provocative but I’m super desensitized so…yeah.

    1. “What a beautiful way to end a post!”

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

      “I’ll admit I giggled at the pic with the girl asking Kirito to strip…”

      The two of them are in such an awkward, embarrassing situation. I felt bad for them, but couldn’t help but laugh too.

      And I’m glad you didn’t think the title was provocative.

      1. Do you ever get secondhand embarrassment to the point that you have to look away lol? I always get that issue 😂

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