Good Isn’t Good Enough: My Thoughts On The 2016 Election

Donald Trump’s recently leaked comments about women…

“Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

…reminded me of that oft-repeated justification Christians have for voting for a man whose morals are all over the place:

“At least he’s better than Hillary Clinton.”

That justification bugs me.


Because: When using that reasoning, Christians are implicitly saying:

“Trump isn’t good. But he’s good enough.”

And, as Christians, we aren’t supposed to settle for “good enough.”

I mean, if Dairy Queen can hold itself to high standards…

…than can’t Christians — followers of Jesus, a man who, if he really is who he says he is, is the son of God — do the same?

After all: That’s what the Bible says to do:

“Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”
~ Matthew 5:48

The Bible also says to do this:

“Test everything. Hold on to what is good.”
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:21

“Be as shrewd as serpents.”
~ Matthew 10:16

And: I refuse to join in with the doomsayers who insist that, in this election, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.



Jesus says Christians will be persecuted.  (Matthew 10:22)

Jesus says that the world will pass away. (Matthew 24:35)

My point is: Death and destruction are par for the course for Christians.*

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?”
~ Luke 12:25

Do I want people to die? No.

Do I want things and places to be destroyed? No.

Do I want to be persecuted? No.

But (pardon my language) I do refuse to be gripped by the pants-shitting fear that this election has stirred up in so many of my fellow believers in Jesus.

*Par for the course: What is normal or expected in any given circumstances.


4 thoughts on “Good Isn’t Good Enough: My Thoughts On The 2016 Election

  1. The fate of the world isn’t at stake per say, but foreign relations would take quite the blow with Trump in charge. I can be accused of voting for Hillary because she’s “good enough,” but also I’m voting for her because she will fight to protect LGBT and women’s rights. Trump won’t do any of that. He’ll do the opposite if anything. I will say it’s amazing how Trump supporters are so willing to overlook his blatant character issues simply because they don’t like Hillary or they want a strongman president or whatever else motivates them to vote for him. I couldn’t even bring myself to read what Trump said about women because I knew I’d get offended but these people brush it aside on a daily basis.

    1. Good point about foreign relations.

      And thanks for commenting. 🙂 I always like reading what you have to say about what I write.

      Yea, it amazes me how so many people will brush aside Trump’s flaws — flaws that should be taken seriously.

      I don’t know who I’ll vote for yet, but I do know this: Both candidates are far from my first choice. I don’t know who I’d want to be president, but if the choice is Trump or Hillary, can I have another choice?

      1. So many people feel the same way as you. 🙂 Neither candidate in this situation is ideal. Technically you can vote independent, I wouldn’t recommend it, but that’s pretty much it. It isn’t easy to just suck it up and choose the candidate that aligns most with your values but that’s what the election seems to be calling for. It’s a shame that it had to come to this (especially for the folks, like me, who are voting for the first time! 😅) I always enjoy reading what others have to say and commenting, the pleasure is all mine.

  2. We will survive, we Christians, whoever wins this election. Well, some, a majority, most, maybe nearly all of us. But I look at the campaign Trump has run, and what many of his followers are saying and doing, and I do fear the dark time we’re in for if he gets elected. For once, comparisons to Hitler aren’t far off the mark.

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