Movies Are Medicine: Part 2

In the first part of this series, I said that I was bored of movies like the ones Marvel makes — multi-million dollar CG explosion-fests.

Image result for the avengers explosions gifs

To go into more detail:

I still enjoy a superhero movie, and even a Transformers movie, from time-to-time. Despite them ultimately not being my cup of tea, I haven’t watched a Marvel movie I thought was bad yet. And Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) is my guilty pleasure.

Image result for transformers revenge of the fallen forest battle gif

But: I wouldn’t hold up either of these movie series — the Marvel cinematic universe or Transformers — as the standard that all other movies should be judged by.

Movieguide would, though:

MOVIEGUIDE® consistently gives awards to movies that are more popular with audiences than with reviewers or industry awards programs. … In fact, they are so far out of touch that most of them pick only one blockbuster movie, and many mediocre “independent” movies and boring foreign language movies that appeal to only a few moviegoers.
WAR ROOM’S A+ CinemaScore Tells the Story

Movieguide has a “Money = Quality” way of looking at movies: If a movie makes a lot of money, that means it’s good.

This way of looking at movies makes sense. If hundreds of millions of people are going to see a movie, there must be something to it — something is resonating with audiences.

Image result for twilight edward sparkle

But just because it makes sense doesn’t mean it’s a healthy way of looking at movies.

If movies are food, than I consider the ones that Marvel makes — the ones Movieguide wants Hollywood to make more of — to be candy.* Good candy. But candy nonetheless. And if I ate nothing but candy — if I watched no movies except blockbuster movies — I would “die”: I would be worse off.

Image result for too much candy

I would be depriving myself of movies that are the equivalent of meat and vegetables.

If I had to choose between having more, in Movieguide’s words, “boring foreign language movies” or blockbuster movies, the choice would be clear…

Image result for my neighbor totoro

*Thank you movie critic Jeffrey Overstreet: It’s because of you that I compare movies to food:
…as McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken prove to us on a daily basis, people often want things that are poorly prepared and lacking in nourishment[.]


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