Women: Your Body Is Not A Christmas Present

If I had a 100 dollar bill that I was going to give to you, and I crumpled it up and dropped it in the mud, would you still want it?



Because it’s a 100 dollar bill. Just because the dollar is damaged doesn’t lessen its worth.

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That’s an analogy I heard used to illustrate Jesus’ love for us.

We are imperfect — we’ve been “crumpled up” and “dropped in the mud” — but Jesus still loves us no matter what.

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I think it’s a good analogy.

Which is why I went “Wait. What?” when I heard this:

17:30 — 17:43:

The analogy in this video isn’t the same. For example: The woman in the video is talking about a Christmas present, not a 100 dollar bill.

The message of the 100 dollar bill analogy is:

No matter who you are or what you’ve been through, you are still deserving of love and respect.

When it comes to the Christmas present analogy, I think I understand what the woman is saying. She’s saying:

If you flaunt your body, people will only value you for your body. If you cover your body, though, a person will see you as more than your body. And then, when marriage happens, that person will be able to experience the beauty of your body because they know that you are more than your butt, breasts, vagina, etc., because they chose to look beyond your body and see the person underneath: a choice that was made easier by the fact that you kept parts of your body covered.

The problems I have with comparing a woman’s body to a Christmas present are:

Your body is not a reward. A woman’s body is not like a treat that is given to a dog for its patience.

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Do I believe that sex should wait until marriage? Yea.

But still: I don’t like thinking of seeing a woman’s naked body as a reward for getting hitched.

Your body is invaluable. Just because a woman shows her body doesn’t mean her body drops in value.

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Nothing anybody does can ever change the nature of your body: “Very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

There is the possibility that you will be demeaned if someone sees you naked. Like what happened to actresses at the 2013 Oscars:

But: To reiterate: Nothing anybody does can lessen the inherent goodness of your body.

The right man will love you no matter what. If a man values you less because he knows that the “Christmas present” he will be “receiving” has been seen by other men, than you either need to sit down and have a talk with him, or show him the door.

The point I’m trying to make is:

Women: Your body is more than a Christmas present. Like the 100 dollar bill at the beginning of this post, no matter how many people have seen your body, no matter how or how often your body has been “crumpled up” and “dropped in the mud,” the inherent value of your body will never change. And, unlike the bill, it is a value that is more than 100 dollars.

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On a side note:

All this talk about presents reminds me of Harry Potter:


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