Dealing With Loneliness and Depression

It’s past midnight.

I’m still awake.

I’ve got a lot on my mind.

I need to write.

Below are the thoughts that are going through my head at this moment:

I struggle with feelings of loneliness and depression.

Image result for whisper of the heart

I write in order to channel those feelings into something that can do good not just for myself, but for others too.

I am not a nudist, but I write about nudism. The reason why is because I am trying to do what I can for a group of people who, it seems, are treated like outcasts.

Reaching out to nudists

Meme (2)

One of the reasons I hate the news is because I feel like I can do nothing to stop the awfulness that is continually pouring from it.


But: When I am writing about subjects like nudism, I feel that I can do something — I feel that I can make a positive change in someone’s life.

I write about nudity, and the objectification of the female body in popular culture, too, in order to try and bring good out of the evil that is lust.

Need Evidence That Good Will Triumph Over Evil? Look At A Woman’s Butt


I know my writing has done good for people.

But… I want more. I want to help more people.

My desire to help people is like a hunger that I can’t satisfy.

Whisper of the Heart83

I know about hunger…

The Hunger For Beauty


I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is: I need help.

But. I don’t know what I need help with.

Thank you for reading.


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