Love The Girl, Not Her “Goods”

In high school, there was a girl I knew who would wear really low-cut tank tops.

Every day, while sitting in class waiting for my fellow classmates to arrive, I would think What will she be wearing today?

One of the reasons I was excited for spring was because that meant warm weather, which meant the girl would be ditching the sweatshirts and hoodies.

This girl and I had talked before. We weren’t friends or acquaintances, but we weren’t strangers, either.

Eventually, near the end of the school year, a day came when I realized I’m tired of staring at this girl’s breasts. I want to get to know this girl better.

Unfortunately, since it was near the end of the school year, passing my final exams kept me occupied until summer. Thus: I never got the chance to try and know the girl better.

Looking her up on Facebook over the summer, I found her posts ranged from disturbing — “I’m going to try and talk to the dead.” — to gross — “I just had the best crap.”


Despite that revelation, I still wish I had gotten to know the girl better when we were in school together.

I realized, too late, that breasts can only make a man so happy.

A man, I realized, wants more than physical pleasure.

A man wants a relationship.


A man wasn’t made to gawk. A man was made to give.

The moral of my story is:

If there is a girl you are attracted to, 1) Don’t waste time gawking at her “goods,” and 2) Get to know her.



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