Critiquing David Outten’s And Ted Baehr’s “The Disease Of Multiculturalism”

Excerpts from David Outten’s and Ted Baehr’s The Disease Of Multiculturalism, and my thoughts:

It’s fashionable to promote multiculturalism in the name of diversity.

God created multiple cultures. Thus, God created diversity.

If you don’t believe me: Read the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible. (Genesis 11:1 — 9)


My point is: 1) I’m pretty sure God is OK with the fact that multiple cultures exist since He created them, and 2) Those multiple cultures trying to get along is only natural: Humans are social beings. If you don’t believe me: God said it was not good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18)

The problem with this is that it assumes there is no right or wrong. It assumes all beliefs are of equal value.

How do you know that?

The reason I ask is: In 21st Century America, our country is multicultural — for example: recently, I went to a bilingual church service — and yet there are cultural practices that people say “No” to.

In our multicultural society, all beliefs are not of equal value.

For example: Who is eager to adopt the culture of a tribe in the Amazon and, thus, do everything in a state of near-nudity, just like the people in those cultures do?*


I imagine a lot people in America wouldn’t want to do that, even though a lot of cultures don’t bat an eyelash at someone’s exposed breasts or butt.

Multiculturalism says, “Don’t worry about a little Socialism.”

What do you mean by “a little Socialism”?

And: How is it possible to have “a little” of any economic system? I though economic systems were either-or.** For example: Soviet Russia didn’t have “a little” capitalism, it had nothing but communism.


…there is such a thing as good and evil. Good is good for your health and evil is bad for you. (Emphasis mine.)

David Outten and Ted Baehr: I’m sure even the most hardcore atheist would agree with you when you say:

“Good is good for your health and evil is bad for you.”

What you and the atheist might disagree on is: What is considered “good” and “evil.”

For example: Do you know why people support gay marriage?

It’s not because people are liberal, Satanist, socialists who, in the words of Alfred from The Dark Knight (2008), “Just want to watch the world burn.”


It’s because people genuinely see gay marriage as a good thing. If people didn’t think gay marriage was good, they wouldn’t support it.

June 23, 1940, Adolf Hitler triumphantly toured Paris, France. What if the British and Americans considered this acceptable — the “modern” Europe?

To be blunt: David Outten and Ted Baehr, you are insane if you believe that modern Europe wouldn’t bat an eyelash at Germany blitzkrieging through France.

Why would Britain and America think Hitler’s conquest of France was “acceptable”? Millions would be dead. Millions would be homeless. A country’s art and culture would be destroyed. In a time when many are still in mourning for a gorilla…


…I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe that people would care about the suffering of their fellow human beings, too. And even if people didn’t care, I would chalk it up to the 24/7, doom-and-gloom news media desensitizing people, not multiculturalism.

You don’t have to see the world exactly like Ted Baehr does in order to value life.

But, according to Ted Baehr, you do:

“Without God…we are just soulless meat machines who can kill without mercy.”***

…Winston Churchill is no better than Adolf Hitler.

Just because someone believes in multiple cultures all trying to get along doesn’t mean they believe Hitler wasn’t a guy who did bad things.


What America needs is to be America again. We need…morality based on the Bible.

I’ll just leave this here:


*Nudity: The state or fact of being naked.

**Either-or: An unavoidable choice between two alternatives.

***Rejection of Faith, Values Leads to Social Mayhem and Murder in Newtown


3 thoughts on “Critiquing David Outten’s And Ted Baehr’s “The Disease Of Multiculturalism”

  1. The Bible: Marriage is between One Man and One Woman – Genesis 2:24 and Matthew 19:1-12, which quotes Genesis 2:24.

    Adultery, incest, bestiality, homosex, and child murder are evil and loathsome – God, Leviticus 18:1-30. See also Romans 1:24-32. Then look to Chapter 2 thru 8 as Paul extends his argument.

    “America’s Christian Heritage” – See also George Washington’s Farewell Address where he says religion and morality are absolutely necessary for good government.

    For proof against leftist multiculturalism, see “America’s Sacred Roots,”’s-sacred-roots. United, we stand; divided we fall. There is a Transcendent Moral Order that everyone must obey, no matter their skin color, ethnicity, nation, culture, sex, class, size.

    1. Nothing you have said in this comment invalidates anything that I said in this post: You have not proven that anything I said in this post is false.

      Which makes me think:

      Why did you even comment?

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