Why We Are Not Meant To Live Our Lives Naked

Note: The purpose of this post is me explaining why I believe clothes are necessary for the kind of world we live in.

Nudity: The state or fact of being naked.

Watching anime, I sometimes see moments where a character’s sexuality is emphasized.

For example: What is the point of this shot in Sword Art Online?


Yolko’s butt is in the foreground, and Kirito’s face is in the background — to me, it’s clear what a viewer’s eyes will be drawn to first.

I’ve talked about this shot before, and though I do believe there is a method to the madness, I also believe this shot portrays an unfortunate truth about human nature:

We have a desire to reduce people to the aspects of their being that give us pleasure.

When I saw the above shot, my first reaction was sexual: A dilating of the pupils, a quickening of the heart, a sexual thought that, without my consent, popped into my head — all perfectly natural ways my body was telling me “Prepare to experience sexual pleasure.”

Despite what some people might imply…

…the desire to have sex isn’t evil. Because:

  1. Aspects of a person naturally cause arousal
  2. Arousal leads to the desire to have sex
  3. Which leads to sex
  4. Sex leads to babies
  5. And babies mean that the human race won’t go extinct

But: What is evil is objectifying people. What do I mean by “objectifying people”? Reducing a person to the body parts that cause arousal, discarding every other aspect of their being, and thus, seeing that person as an object and not as a human being.

And Yolko, regardless of the beauty of her body, is, first and foremost, a human being.


What is my point with all this? This:

We are not meant to be naked.

That’s a strange point to come to might be thinking. After all: What does a shot of a woman’s clothed butt have to do with nudity?

This: A clothed butt, like a naked butt, can cause arousal. And it was remembering that shot of Yolko’s butt in Sword Art Online that got me thinking about how nudity can be a part of a person’s life to such an extent that they can struggle to remember I was made for more than experiencing pleasure.

Being naked is a pleasurable feeling. For example: It’s nice to feel the wind between one’s legs and the sun on one’s skin. It’s nice to not feel like one is confined by clothing. It’s nice to feel free to be in one’s natural state.*


And, the naked body is beautiful. Not because it causes arousal, but because its beauty points us towards the source of beauty: God.**

Adam and Eve10

But: In this imperfect world, a good thing can become a bad thing. A person can become so driven to experience the pleasure that comes from nudity that they, and/or other people, suffer as a result.


That’s why Adam and Eve covered up: So that they wouldn’t be tempted to look at a vagina, butt, or penis and, thus, see each other as objects and not as human beings:

Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. (Genesis 3:7)

Adam and Eve6

For further reading about the necessity of clothing and the desire to be naked in an imperfect world:

Nudity, Sex, and “Empowerment”

Clothes and Identity in “Kiki’s Delivery Service”


*Naked I came from my mother’s womb… (Job 1:21)

**The man and his wife were both naked. (Genesis 2:25)
God saw all he had made, and it was very good. (Genesis 1:31)
Every good thing comes from God. (James 1:17)
…breasts, hips, bottom, and lips all proclaim the glory of the Lord… (Sharon Hodde Miller)


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