Politics and Christianity: What Is Wrong With Movieguide

One of the reasons I am disappointed in Movieguide is because of the political bias to many of their reviews.

From Movieguide’s review of War Dogs (2016):

“There was also no need to have the protagonists express their opposition to the Bush Administration. That’s to be expected from liberals in Hollywood, perhaps, but it was unnecessary to advance the story. Why go out of your way to deliberately antagonize a large section of the moviegoing audience?” (Emphasis mine.)

Well, isn’t that the crow calling the raven black? Tom Snyder: You seem to have no problem with antagonizing people you disagree with:

“Naturally, [Roger Ebert] was also obviously attracted to the steamy sex scenes in MONSTER’S BALL. He also apparently didn’t mind ogling the naked breasts of Halle Berry, who plays Leticia (he got to see similar sightings of a voluptuous nude black woman in BELOVED, it should be noted)…” (Words that have been changed in Movieguide’s review of Monster’s Ball.)

Tom Snyder: I haven’t seen War Dogs yet, but I imagine that the only reason you didn’t like the protagonists’ expressing their opinion about George W. Bush is because you didn’t agree with them. I wouldn’t be surprised that if the protagonists had praised George W. Bush, you would have said something like: “WAR DOGS breaks new ground for liberal Hollywood.” But, I’ll never know for sure.

On a related note:

Tom Snyder also criticized the mocking of President Bush in Boyhood (2014):

“BOYHOOD also a has a couple of heavy-handed yet pointless scenes where in which former President Bush is mocked, the Iraq war is derided, and Barack Obama is praised heavily. In fact, the father takes the children to campaign for Obama and encourages them to steal a pro-John McCain sign from a yard. Meanwhile, in another scene, an anti-Obama man is shown predominantly to have a Confederate flag outside his house.”

Why criticize the politics in a Movieguide review?

Because, to me, Right Wing American politics and Christianity are an uneasy mixture.

I just can’t see the guy who said “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” (Matthew 5:44) and “All who live by the sword will die by the sword,” (Matthew 26:52) and “Turn the other cheek,” (Matthew 5:39)  getting behind practices like waterboarding and preemptive attacks — “Fighting terror with terror,” to paraphrase that guy from Avatar (2009).



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