Nudists Need More Respect


What’s with people taking pictures of, or videotaping, people at nude beaches, in nudist communities, etc.?

From what I’ve read, this is a thing that happens. People having their picture taken, or being taped, while they’re just trying to relax and have fun. Sure, people might say “I have good intentions for taking this picture.” But then, from what I’ve read about people this has happened to, the pictures or tapes eventually show up on some porn website.


To give perverts and pornographers something to jerk off to. These people are like leeches, sucking other people dry of all the pleasure their naked body can give them.


This is why I feel like a person should only be naked when they’re alone, or when they’re with people they trust: family and friends. Because then, there isn’t a risk that a dude is snapping your picture to give himself something to satisfy his “needs” when he’s alone at night. Why? Because the people you are with love you and respect you.

Something has got to be done to stop the objectification of nudists.

I believe a lot of peoples’ intentions for being naked are good. Anyone with a body knows that being naked can be a liberating feeling. Nudists just want to experience that feeling more often. And to be closer to the natural world by being in their natural state — unclothed. After all: We came into the world naked.


This post isn’t me arguing for or against nudism. (If you want to know what I think about nudism, read this.)

This post is me saying “Just because a person is naked doesn’t mean their inherent value as a human being is gone.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Section 1700)

As corny and unnecessary as it sounds to say, someone has got to say it because it is being forgotten: Nudists are people too.



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