One Thing I’ve Wondered About Nudists

One thing I’ve wondered about nudists:

How do men who are nudists avoid getting erections?

I would think that a man would be having frequent orgasms because of the female nudity that he is seeing in a place like a nudist camp.

I’ve heard that people bring towels to places like nudist camps, in order to keep germs from spreading. I imagine it isn’t a good feeling to sit on a towel that’s been covered with semen, since a man has to wipe himself clean with it so many times, or make frequent trips to the bathroom in order to clean himself or experience his orgasms in private. And I imagine it would also be awkward for a man to be introduced to a nudist woman, and for her to clearly see that he is experiencing an orgasm because of her naked body.

I would also think that erectile dysfunction would be an issue that nudist men would face, too.

The reason I ask this question is:

I’m concerned about people who are nudists.

I am not a nudist. But I write about nudism because I want all people, no matter how they choose to live their life, to know that God sees them and loves them. (Matthew 5:14) I don’t want nudists to feel like outcasts — feel like no one cares about them, understands them, or loves them.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. (Jeremiah 1:5)

To people who are nudists:

Going naked isn’t for everyone. But I believe that what God has given you — your desire to be naked — is a good thing. Not wearing clothes is a feeling that can bring a person a sense of freedom and peace. And God is, ultimately, the source of freedom and peace.

…everything God created is good… (1 Timothy 4:4)

Our hearts are restless until they rest in God. ~ St. Augustine


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4 thoughts on “One Thing I’ve Wondered About Nudists

  1. I’ve never gotten an erection nor have I witnessed any at a nudist venue or nudist event. I’ve never needed to make any conscious effort to “will” one away by thinking about baseball or anything like that. Despite everyone being naked, it’s not a sexually charged atmosphere nor is it erotic. In a way, there is more eroticism at a regular public pool or beach. Swimsuits, especially women’s suits, while they cover the “essentials,” actually draw a man’s eye toward what’s being covered and triggers the imagination. In a nudist setting, there’s nothing to be imagined it it becomes commonplace. I find that nudism is as much an attitude and a mindset as it is about being naked.

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