Why I Believe In God, And Why Atheists’ Lives Aren’t Meaningless

Lately I’ve been looking at the Twitter account of a man called Tom Snyder. The Editor-in-Chief for the organization Movieguide. I don’t write about Movieguide anymore, but needing to kill time while I look after my two old dogs, and since eventually I get tired of slaying dragons in Skyrim and I need to take a break from reading A Clash of Kings, I look at Tom Snyder’s tweets and reply to them if something makes me go “Wait. What?”

The reason I say this is because recently I found this article on Tom Snyder’s Twitter:

“The Absurdity of Life Without God” by William Lane Craig.

Feeling bored, and feeling like critiquing something Tom Snyder likes because I’m weird like that, as best as I can I am going to explain why I believe in a god, and why I believe the lives of people who don’t believe in a god aren’t meaningless.

Why I believe in a god

I was raised a Catholic. And, as an adult, I am still one.

I could, if I wanted to, say “I won’t serve you anymore, God.” But I don’t want to.

This is why:

Prayer is a source of comfort for me. When I get stressed, or I am tired of the noise in my life, going to my room, closing the door, and kneeling and saying words to The Man Upstairs helps to calm me down. It’s nice to be able to vent my thoughts and feelings — to (silently) yell my thoughts and feelings to the sky.

I have at least one song that provides me catharsis…

…but sometimes I need silence. And praying makes silence possible.

I believe evil exists. I liked the movie Evil Dead (2013). One reason why is because it reminded me that evil is a thing that exists, and it must be fought.

Not all evil can be defeated with a chainsaw, and it’s during those times where I realize “I can’t fight this battle by myself. I need to call in the heavy artillery.” I feel like Sweetie Belle, falling through the abyss, screaming for someone to save her:

Only instead of screaming “Princess Luna can you hear me?!” I’m screaming “God can you hear me?!”

I’m prideful. I’m worried I’ll be the most arrogant a**hole ever. Pride is something I struggle with. I have to keep telling myself “The universe isn’t all about me.” Believing in a god helps me to stay humble — reminds me that there is someone greater than me. To go to My Little Pony again: If I am Twilight, God is Princess Celestia. (If Princess Celestia didn’t suck at her job. Seriously: Queen Chrysalis went through her like a hot knife through butter.)

My Little Pony12

Why the lives of people who don’t believe in a god aren’t meaningless

Even though I believe in a god, I refuse to believe that people who don’t believe in a god see their lives as meaningless.


Because everyone lives for something.

When I think of atheists, I think of Rorschach from Watchmen (2009).

To any Christian who says “To an atheist, life is ultimately meaningless”: Rorschach didn’t think his life had no meaning.

How do I know that?

Because he didn’t die for nothing.


What’s with the two-paragraph advertisement for “biblical Christianity” at the end of the article? (Is there such a thing as “non-biblical Christianity”?)

The author says the reason biblical Christianity is the best is because it solves the issues of “God and immortality.”

But do you know what also claims to solve the issues of “God and immortality”?

Every other religion that believes in a god.



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