Proof That Love Is Stronger Than Hate

I wrote a lot about Movieguide on this blog.

The reason I stopped is because I realized my posts about Movieguide were ultimately coming from a place of hatred.

I don’t hate Ted Baehr, Tom Snyder, Ben Kayser, or any of the other people at Movieguide.

What I hate is how they see the world, and the fact that whenever I was talking to them I felt like I was talking to a wall. No matter what I said or how I said it, my words never seemed to have any impact on them at all. Those hours I spent talking — watching paint dry would have been a more productive use of my time.


In order to vent my thoughts and feelings on those debacles, I did what I do to relieve stress: I wrote. A lot. Maybe too much.

Looking at everything I wrote about Movieguide on this blog, I feel like Joe Brody in Godzilla (2014), trying to expose the truth.


My point is: My anger, my hatred, my negative feelings — they exhausted me.

You know what doesn’t exhaust me?

Listening to one of my favorite pieces of music:

Or watching my favorite movie:

Whisper of the Heart134

My point is: Filling my head with the things I love, and paying no attention to the things I hate, leaves me feeling stronger, happier, and more hopeful.

Besides: Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder aren’t world-ending cataclysms who demand my attention…


…they are just men who are mad at the world:

And me?

I’m having too much fun to be mad at the world:


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