A Message To Young Naturists

Naturism/Nudism: A way of life characterized by going naked.

I myself am not a nudist. I write about nudism though because I think the subject is important. Why? Because there are people who go naked. As a Catholic, I don’t like people being swept under the rug — which is what I fear is Catholics’ attitude towards nudists: Just act like such people don’t exist.

I write about nudism in order to reach out to nudists. To say to people who go naked: God sees you and He loves you. Never forget that you are loved and are deserving of respect.

In this post:

A message to young people who are naturists/nudists:

May going naked be something you freely choose to do. May going naked never be something you feel you have to do to please your family or friends.

May you never forget that you are more than your body. Looks mean nothing: It’s what’s on the inside that ultimately matters

May you always feel safe, respected, and loved. May no one ever make you feel not safe, or make you feel like you aren’t worthy of being loved and respected.

May you never be afraid to speak your mind. In an environment like a clothing-optional community, where everyone is doing the same thing — going around with little or no clothing — it’s possible to feel like the best thing to do is shut your mouth and just go along with the crowd. May you never do that. What I mean is: May you never be afraid to say what you’re thinking: May you never be afraid to make your voice heard.

Meme (2)

This summer, as you go naked with your family or friends:

May God watch over you, and bless you. And may the joy and freedom that comes with being naked be a preview of the joy and freedom that He wants to give you in Heaven.


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