Britain’s First Naked Restaurant, And The Future of Nudism

With the opening of “The Bunyadi” earlier this month, a restaurant in Britain where people can eat naked, I’ve been thinking: This restaurant could give nudism more exposure. (No pun intended.)

From what I’ve read, 46,000 people are waiting to eat at this restaurant.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the experience was some peoples’ introduction to living the nudist lifestyle: the beginning of some people making the choice to go naked when the environment they are in allows it.

More restaurants like “The Bunyadi” could pop up not just in Britain, but all over the world, too. “The Bunyadi” could be the beginning of a, for lack of a better word, surge of places being sectioned off, or built, in order to give people the freedom and security to be naked.

I myself am not a nudist, but I write about nudism because, as a Catholic, I don’t want to see people be ignored or put-down because their way of life — being naked for reasons that don’t have to do with bathing or sex —  can be considered strange or immoral.

When it comes to being naked, I have found that the Church’s teaching is vague.

God has given people the freedom to make the choice to go naked. As a result, I believe it’s my duty as a Catholic to treat a naked person with all the respect, empathy, and love that God would want me to treat a person who was clothed:

Whatever you did to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did to me. (Matthew 25:40)

The opening of Britain’s first naked restaurant also made me think: Should nudism become more mainstream?

To answer that question, I would say:

More people should know that nudism is a thing that exists. The reason I say that is because, as far as I can tell, knowledge is never a bad thing. It’s what a person does with knowledge that is where good or evil comes from.

The knowledge that nudism is a thing that exists — the knowledge that there is a lifestyle that exists where a person goes naked for reasons that don’t have to do with bathing or sex — has helped people.

From talking with nudists, I have learned of how going naked has helped people to be more confident, helped people to better appreciate their bodies, helped people to see others as the human beings they are, and even helped people cope with trauma.

I don’t know the intentions of the 46,000 people waiting to eat at “The Bunyadi.” But if Britain’s new restaurant is peoples’ introduction to experiencing the freedom and peace that can come with being naked, I’d say that’s a good thing.


Because everything good — like feeling free and having inner peace — comes from God.

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow. (James 1:17)

May God bring good out of peoples’ experience being naked.


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