Do You Want To Be “Body Positive”? Don’t Take Nude Pictures

I don’t understand how posting a nude picture online, for the whole world to see, is supposed to make a person feel better about their body. To me, such an action comes across as narcissistic: Like the person posting the picture is thinking “I need others’ praise in order to feel positive about my body.”

You don’t need peoples’ praise to feel positive about your body. All you have to do is:

Understand that you look the way you do for a reason…


…and then, through exercising and not eating crap all day, every day…


…get, and maintain, the kind of body you want.


And always remember that 1) You are more than your body, and 2) Ultimately, your body will become worm food. So you should want to be remembered for more than the fact that you could fit into skinny jeans.


Posting a nude picture of yourself online could have unintended consequences, too: That picture of your ass could come back to bite you in the ass.

When you get older, you might look back on that time you took nude pictures of yourself and think:


So save yourself future embarrassment and regret and don’t do something like posting a nude selfie online with the caption “Body positive!”

The world will keep on spinning even if it doesn’t see your breasts.

And the world doesn’t need to know the size of your penis, either.



5 thoughts on “Do You Want To Be “Body Positive”? Don’t Take Nude Pictures

  1. Nude, hell, I don’t even understand the selfie thing. I spent 24 years body building and 12 years climbing mountains and you know what’s on my hard drive? Nature photos. That’s it. I already know what I look like.

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