Cortana For President

Cortana would make a good President.

She is knowledgeable about the issues facing the U.S. and the world. As an artificial intelligence (AI), Cortana has all of humanities’ knowledge at her fingertips.

Cortana 146

She is a good communicator. Cortana knows when to speak and when to listen.

Cortana 217

She wouldn’t just be the first female president. Cortana would be the first AI president. Now that’s progressive.

Cortana 25

She is not ashamed. Cortana chooses to look naked. As a result of a lifetime of putting up with the criticism and lewd words said to her because of her choice, there are no scandals or tactics that will cause Cortana to blush or look anything less than in control: Cortana is proud of who she is, and is not ashamed to let everyone know it.

Cortana 103

She is humble. During the times when Cortana does mess up — hey, no one is perfect — she is willing and able to say “I failed.” How many other presidential candidates can say the same thing?

Cortana 199

In 2016, the choice is obvious:

Vote for Cortana.

Cortana 86

(This political poster that I made comes from a person’s art of Cortana: “AkageSensei,” on DeviantArt. Click here to go to the original piece of art.)


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