What I Don’t Understand About The Gay Rights Movement

Note: The following pictures were taken by LifeSiteNews, at a “Massachusetts Youth Pride” event on May 21st, 2016. I am not with LifeSiteNews at all. I’m just a blogger who is saying what’s on my mind.

This is what I don’t understand about the gay rights movement:

What is with the focus on sex?


Is a Gay-Straight Alliance rally for middle-school students really the place to be handing out condoms and penis lubricant? Apparently it is.

And we can’t forget about all those diseases, either:


I have two questions:

If homosexuality is so natural, like people who point to homosexuality in animals say it is:

Why, without artificial “protection” like condoms, does two men rubbing their balls together cause disease and death?

Aren’t disease and death the opposite of what is supposed to happen as a result of sex?



What’s with the nudity at Gay Pride Parades?

The nudity I’ve heard about at Gay Pride Parades comes across as being there for no other reason than shock value.

It seems that, when a person gets naked at a Pride Parade:

There’s no “See me as more than my body.”

There’s no “The human body is inherently good: The human body needs to be understood, not feared.”

It’s just “I will pleasure myself however I want. Just try and stop me.”

Perpetuating the myth that nudity cannot be separated from sex.

A myth that Michelangelo and Botticelli disproved centuries ago.



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