Another Prayer For Nudists

I wrote another prayer for people who are nudists (you can read the first prayer by clicking here):

God, you created everything and said it was “very good.”*

Including the body.

Including desire.

I have the desire to be naked.

I have this desire for a reason.

May you bless the time I spend going naked.

May I experience inner peace, freedom, and joy, as I exist in the state that you originally meant for me to exist in: Naked without shame.**

May my desire to go naked bring me closer to the source of peace, freedom, and joy: You.

May I always see myself as more than my body.

May I always see others as more than their body.

May I always remember that it is not what is on the outside that ultimately matters, it is what is on the inside.

Though I am vulnerable, may I always be strong.

Though I am laid bare, may my heart always be armored against those who would harm me.***

And though I am not perfect, may I always do your will.


*Genesis 1:31
**Genesis 2:25
***Ephesians 6:10 — 18


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