Why #NationalSendANudeDay Is Horrible

Note: This post contains artistic depictions of nudity.

So, according to Fight The New Drug, National Send A Nude Day is a thing that exists.

I know I’m late talking about this — National Send A Nude Day was, apparently, days ago — but I still wanted to give my two cents on it.

Here is why I think National Send A Nude Day is horrible:

The reason for sending nudes. I doubt the people sending nudes to their boyfriend/girlfriend are thinking I want him/her to admire me like they’d admire Venus/David.



It wouldn’t surprise me if a person sending a nude was thinking something like Look at my boobs, baby! or I don’t work at Subway, but I can still give you a footlong.

The reason for wanting nudes. To all the women sending nudes to their boyfriend: Unless your boyfriend is a saint, he only wants nude pictures of you to give him something to masturbate to. Pictures of your body are, to him, the means to attain an erection. He isn’t Michelangelo, holding a nude picture at arms-length, stroking his chin, and going “This is exquisite natural craftsmanship.” What he is doing is reaching for his balls.

The environment a person is naked in. Everyone is naked at one point or another. Nudity is a part of life. That being said: A person should only be naked around others when they know that they are in a safe environment. For example: When they are with their spouse, their family, or close friends. The internet is not a safe environment. When you post a nude picture online, creeps could see it. Creeps who could blackmail you. Creeps who could threaten you. Creeps who could find you. Creeps who could kill you.

I understand why people like being naked:

Not wearing clothes is a liberating feeling. You feel the wind and sun on your skin. You don’t feel weighed down. You feel more alive. More at peace with who you are.

We were made to give all of ourselves to each other — Genesis 2:24 — and being naked is a physical manifestation of that “giving”: Our whole physical being — our whole body — is exposed for all to see. There are no more smoke and mirrors, no more tricks, no more lies: When a person is naked, they can truthfully say to the people they love and trust “This is me.”

That being said:

There is a time and a place to be naked, and it is not in pictures shared online for the whole world to see, for the sake of a person that you might eventually break up with.

If you do break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you’ll probably regret that the person you now consider your worst enemy knows how big your penis is, or how small your breasts are.

The world doesn’t need more nudity, it needs better nudity.

What do I mean by “better nudity”?

I mean this:

Porn and objectification must be fought.
The world needs to know that a person is more than their body.
The world needs to know that the human body isn’t just a means to attain sexual pleasure.
The world needs to see in the human body what Michelangelo saw in David and Botticelli saw in Venus: Something “very good.” (Genesis 1:31)



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