A Note To My Readers: Part 2

I feel bad that I wrote Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder Might Be Fascists.

On the one hand: I stand by what I said in that post because I think the conclusion I came to makes sense. (If you read the post and think it doesn’t make sense, let me know.)

On the other hand: I wrote that post when I was feeling angry, and I hate writing when I’m angry. The reason why is because I want my blog to be a place of positivity.

I write posts criticizing organizations like Movieguide because I’m trying to help them.

I write for two reasons:

  1. To better understand the thoughts rattling around in my head.
  2. To help people.

I’m not perfect, though.

What I’m trying to say is:

Regardless of my good intentions for this blog, there are times where my intentions for writing aren’t good — where my passion and energy comes from negativity, not positivity. And as a result, my writing suffers.


I hope my blog can be a place where you, my readers, go “Yes! This person understands me.”

The purpose of these “A Note To My Readers” posts is for me to let you know how I’m doing: For me to be as open and honest with you as I can be. You inspire me to keep writing. You bring out the best in me. And I want to do my best for you.

Thank you for reading.

For further reading: The first post in my “A Note To My Readers” series.


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