God Wants Us To Be More Than Naked

Being naked is a wonderful experience. I’m not a nudist, but I still know this to be true. Why? Because, like everyone else, I take my clothes off in order to bathe. I put my clothes back on after I’m done. But there is a feeling of freedom during that moment between when my clothes are off and I’m waiting for the water to get warm, and when I step out of the shower and put my clothes back on.

There are times where the thought “I should go naked” flashes through my mind. But I never do it. There are a few reasons:

  1. Shame. Despite a feeling of freedom, nudity ultimately makes me feel self-conscious.
  2. The fear that a person will see me as a sex object and not a human being.
  3. The privates and butt are disease-infested. Cleaning every surface I came into contact with would be a nightmare.

I don’t know where these thoughts come from. But I can’t deny that they exist.

I had a revelation, though, recently. I know this will probably make you go “No duh!” but:

People were made to do more than go naked.

To go into more detail:

Originally, it was God’s plan that we’d all be naked.

And everything God created, including the body, is “very good.” (Genesis 1:31)


But God didn’t want Adam and Eve to be just walking through the Garden of Eden all day, every day, holding hands while feeling the sun and the breeze on their skin. He wanted Adam and Eve to work in the Garden, too. And to be fruitful, multiply, and teach their kids how to work in the Garden, too. (Genesis 1:27 — 29)

Adam and Eve4

This card is addressed to boys, but it describes what God has in mind for girls, men, and women, too:


We were meant to not just be naked without shame, but meant to love each other, care for Earth, create things, and explore, too.

So now: A question: Why do we wear clothes?

We cover the penis, butt, and vagina in order to implicitly say “I am more than my body” — to draw a person’s attention away from that which could cause them to see us as a sex object, not a human being.

Eve in the Garden of Eden by Anna Lea Merritt

Clothes are a reminder that we are made to be more than naked.


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