Saturday Night Live Is Not Insulting God – This Is Why

Recently, a controversial Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit was released.

It was a parody of God’s Not Dead 2 called God is a Boob Man, where a Christian baker who refuses to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding has to prove in court that God is not gay.

Predictably, some Christians have gotten all in a tizzy:

Saturday Night Live Mocks God in an Outrageous Skit

Legendary Singer and Actor Slams SNL (I like how the word “Legendary” was used to describe him. It’s like the author of this post thought no one would listen to this singer and actor if he wasn’t “Legendary.”)

God is a Boob Man was not insulting God. The skit was insulting God’s Not Dead 2, and the kind of Christians who would make such a movie.

If you demonize your enemies…


…don’t be surprised when they demonize you. (Matthew 7:12)


To all the Christians saying “I’d love to see SNL do such a skit about Muslims”: Is it Christian to throw your neighbors (Muslims) under the bus? To wish that another group of people, and not you, would undergo ridicule?

Didn’t Jesus tell us to “Turn the other cheek”? (Matthew: 5:39) If Jesus did tell us to do that, than why would we ever want someone else (Muslims) to be slapped on the cheek instead?

Also: I love Pure Flix’s reaction:

Let’s Show Them Where We Stand:

…make the most of this and show people where we stand. Invite a friend (or fifteen) to see GOD’S NOT DEAD 2 with you this week.



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