Why I Write About Movieguide

I write a lot about Movieguide. In this post I’m going to explain why.

I write about Movieguide because, as a Christian and a lover of movies, they make me facepalm.

Whisper of the Heart71

I can’t help it, when I read words like this:

Movieguide’s thoughts on movie critics  (from their review of The Counselor):

…the obsequious, phony pseudo-intellectual elitists running the news media and America’s critic organizations…like to insert redeeming qualities and artistic value when there are none.

Movieguide’s thoughts on Hollywood (from their review of Runaway Jury):

…Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist demagogues… The pro-abortion, pro-gun control leftists in Hollywood are the rightful heirs of these socialist monsters.

Movieguide’s thoughts on Muslims (from their review of Of Gods and Men):

Their so-called god is the delusional ravings of a child molester who loved killing people with his own sword.

And the worst part is: They don’t care:

“…we stand by our comments in the reviews you cited.”

I write about Movieguide because they’re loud.

Movieguide wants their reach to be far and wide.


According to Movieguide’s Editor-in-Chief:

We support a return to the Moral Code of Decency and the vetting of all scripts for movies going to public theater and DVD retail within 20 years, if not in 3-5 years. That would probably include the elimination of all R-rated and NC-17 content as well as most PG-13 content. We also look forward to Christian/biblical hegemony within the industry. If this ministry had much more support, our progress would be that much quicker.

I write about Movieguide because I’m angry.

Years ago, I wasted time on vacation with my family in order to do my job as an intern at a Christian movie organization, checking my phone for updates on work that was being done when I should’ve been enjoying the scenery and people I was with. I won’t tell you what the organization was, but it wasn’t Movieguide.

That being said: The organization I worked for is like a branch on a tree, and Movieguide is like the trunk. To me, Movieguide is the embodiment of a notion — the notion that movies have to be made by Christians, for Christians, or else America is doomed — that I have grown to hate. Because it cost me time with my family.

Yes, I made the choice to work during my vacation. And I hate myself for it.

But: Organizations like Movieguide give me an opportunity to direct that anger and regret.


Organizations like Movieguide give me something to take my feelings out on.


I write about Movieguide because few people are.

I read Movieguide’s content…


…and I feel ashamed to call myself a Christian.

I read Movieguide’s content, and I see an injustice being committed. An injustice that I feel I have to do something about because it feels even worse to do nothing at all.

That’s why I write about Movieguide.

Thank you for reading.


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