Why Ted Baehr’s Movieguide Sucks

Note: This is a rant.

I hate Movieguide.

I don’t hate the people behind Movieguide. Jesus tells me to love my neighbor. (Mark 12:31)

What I hate is what Movieguide stands for: A “Money = Quality” view of looking at movies: A view of “This movie made a lot of money. It must be good.”

That view of movies is illustrated by this paragraph from WAR ROOM’S A+ CinemaScore Tells the Story:

MOVIEGUIDE® consistently gives awards to movies that are more popular with audiences than with reviewers or industry awards programs. … In fact, they are so far out of touch that most of them pick only one blockbuster movie, and many mediocre “independent” movies and boring foreign language movies that appeal to only a few moviegoers.

“boring foreign language movies”!

Whisper of the Heart71

I would trade any one minute of Whisper of the Heart (including the opening and closing credits) for the entire output of Pure Flix and the Kendrick Brothers.

On a side note:

This is the kind of comedy that Movieguide loves:

To get back on track:

If I were Abel…


…and God told me “Instead of a sacrifice, give me a movie to watch,” you know which one I’d give Him:

Whisper of the Heart8

What I’m trying to say is this:

Some of the most pure, admirable, lovely, and excellent movies I’ve seen have been “boring foreign language” ones. (Philippians 4:8)


…many mediocre “independent” movies…

Why is the word independent in quotes?


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