God’s Not Dead 2: The Movie Is Nothing

I must admit, I’m disappointed.

Disappointed about what?

That more people aren’t talking about God’s Not Dead 2.

I spent an unhealthy amount of time keeping track of this movie. For months, not a day passed where I didn’t, at some point, type “gods not dead 2” into Google to see what the latest news about the movie was.

I was hyped for God’s Not Dead 2 the way some people were hyped for The Force Awakens. It was hype bordering on obsession.


I didn’t hate the first God’s Not Dead. The movie did a lot I didn’t like, and I understand where the people who do hate the movie with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns are coming from. But, my response to God’s Not Dead was “Meh”: The movie wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrifyingly awful, either. I’ve seen worse.

The Bible says “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness…” (Ephesians 5:11) And, surprisingly, a lot of people seem to have done just that. On many movie blogs and forums I follow, the attitude about God’s Not Dead 2 can be summed up like this:

I’m disappointed that God’s Not Dead 2 isn’t the “event” that I thought it would be.

But, now that I think more about it, I’m also glad.


Because there are better things to talk about than Evangelical propaganda. The Bible says so — Philippians 4:8.

“Better things” like this piece of music:


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