Movieguide and Pure Flix Aren’t As Influential As They Thought They Were

Thank you, God!

Ted Baehr’s and Michael Scott’s pleas to “Send a message to Hollywood” fell on deaf ears.

For context, watch 4:15 — 4:43 and 5:42 — 5:55 of this video I found:

God’s Not Dead 2 opening weekend: $8.1 million.
God’s Not Dead opening weekend: $9.2 million.

God’s Not Dead 2 was playing in 2,419 theaters.
God’s Not Dead was playing in 780 theaters.

My source: Box Office Mojo.

Movieguide and Pure Flix are shocked:

Why Are Some Movies Underperforming?

Please Stop Attacking Christian Movies for the Wrong Reasons

Let’s Stop Attaching Movies for Saying Something!

Why does this news make me so happy?

Because it proves Christians aren’t mindless sheep.

To go into more detail: It proves it takes more than the fear of persecution…


…and evil atheists…


…to get Christians to see a movie.

I am reminded of words from the movie critic Confused Matthew:

“You can’t keep people stupid forever!”

Thank you, everyone who didn’t see God’s Not Dead 2. Because of you, this sound was heard in theaters showing that propaganda:


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